Here's a cool activity to use during a history lesson on Jamestown or a science lesson on the moon. We had a staff development recently where the presenter used the moon part of the activity. Anyway, I love how it ties two subjects together. The activity is produced by NASA. The activity takes two classes. In the first class students will read a background sheet setting up the scenario that they are imagining themselves trying to survive as a colonist at the founding of Jamestown. Students will then work in groups to rank 15 items in the order they think the items' importances for survival are. They must provide reasons for their ranking. Once that is done, there is an answer key which explains the proper order of items. On the next day the students do the same type of thing, except now they are on the moon in the future and need to travel 50 miles from where their ship has crash landed to where the lunar base is.

You can find the worksheet packet here: link