Here's an interesting article by a teacher about the general uselessness of most homework. It also brings out the important point that homework steals inter-family time that can not be gotten back. Therefore, teachers should ask if the homework they are giving is important enough to take away some more of the little remaining time children have with their family in the evening before bed. One thing that comes to my mind is the issue of whether the homework can be done together with the parents or not. For instance, reading homework can certainly be done as a family. All families should read together, in my opinion. So an assignment to read in the evening should not be taking away from family time. On the other hand, there are those monstrous projects some teachers assign students with strict guidelines that the students' parents are not to help them. Those things are definite family time thieves.

Fascinating way to look at the issue...

Article: The Guardian

Here's a good article from NPR explaining how many majority non-white school districts end up getting less money per student than the majority white school districts. The only way to eliminate this is to end school district funding based on local property taxes.

Article Link: NPR

Here's an interesting article about the continuing rise of gamification in the business sector. The author says it would work in education as well.

Link: Forbes Article

Well this was interesting. I ran across this article from a few years ago showing that teacher attrition in the first five years of teaching is only 17%. For years people have been saying it's around 50%. Fascinating.

Link: Washington Post Article

Here's a news article about Dungeons and Dragons being used to help people with autism develop social skills. Very cool!

Link: CBC News in Nova Scotia

Here's an interesting article about the potential benefits of using Dungeons and Dragons with Gifted children.

APA PsycNET Link: International Journal of Play Therapy

Here's an interesting article in The Atlantic on the shift from humanities majors to STEM majors. Students entering college are much more interested in degrees that they think will get them a job these days. I think the emphasis on STEM in the K12 public school systems is overdone right now. Yes there are jobs in STEM, but not enough for all the young people being funneled into the field. STEM jobs are becoming highly competitive.

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Here's an interesting article about how various teachers have had success using D&D in their classrooms or in clubs to imnprove student outcomes. How Dungeons and Dragons Primes Students for Interdisciplinary Learning Including STEM
Here's a great article on how gamification can go wrong. These workplaces at Discney and Amazon sound like some sort of 1984 mutation of Big Brother. How Employers Have Gamified Work for Maximum Profit