Riot Quest is a new grid-based skirmish game being released next fall. It is being put out by Privateer Press. In it players will have a squad of around 10 "trigger-happy, fortune-hunting mercenary characters with an aresenal of insane gear" that they can pull from to field a 4 character team. The goal will be to run around the grid map battling and collecting "piles and piles of shiny loot" while also completing changing bounty objectives. The characters will be mercenaries in the Iron Kingdom realm and will thus be compatible with the Warmachine and Hordes games. It will allow 2 to 4 players to compete in a game that lasts a little over half an hour.

This sounds like it may be the perfect game to introduce to an afterschool gaming club that wants to bring in a game with real paintable miniatures. Hopefully they keep the game at the same school and family friendly level of thematic content as their other grid-based game, Monsterpocalypse. Monsterpocalypse is my current favorite grid-based, family and school friendly, skirmish game, so I have high hopes for this one. It looks like Privateer Press is keeping the game firmly in the humorous, yet still cool, camp of Mosterpocalypse, where the theme and gameplay push players of all ages to end up genuinely laughing, giggling, and joking while playing. They are describing Riot Quest as a "hilarious and chaotic brawl." This is exactly what I and my children love about Monsterpocalypse. My children think the concept art looks very cool and the gameplay description sounds fun. Mosterpocalypse nailed that approach to a miniatures game.

Riot Quest Tinkerer concept art Riot Quest Pygmie Tank
Riot Quest Necrotech