I've decided to get into a full miniatures game with my children. We are going to do Star Wars Legion, the new miniatures game being put out by Fantasy Flight Games. We enjoy board games and tabletop RPGs already. Miniatures games offer unique strategic and tactical gaming opportunities. In addition they offer an artistic outlet for creativity. Miniatures figures come in pieces and must be glued together and then painted. I've found this to be quite enjoyable with the couple of board games I've painted miniatures for. I'm not very good yet, but it's a nice hobby to work at. My children are going to start painting the miniatures in the new game Stuffed Fables as their first real foray into it. Last summer at Dice Tower Con we took a free painting class and had a lot of fun, but we haven't done anything with it. So we're going to start.

Here are all the miniatures that were put out in the first release. I have glued them together and primed them.

primed miniatures for Star Wars legion

Here are the first two pieces I've now painted, Luke and Vader. I'm watching Sorastro's miniature painting channel on YouTube to get instructions on how to do it.

painted Vader mini painted Luke Skywalker mini