This looks like it is going to be such an awesome miniatures game. You basically have Godzilla, Power Rangers, and Robotech forces versus Wellsian Martians, Cthlulu, and Alien Planet Eaters. What a great theme. In the game your monsters will be taking control of buildings to power themselves up. The terrain of buildlings is an essential part of the game beyond just providing cover, as in normal miniatures games. This terrain is destructible because giant monsters like to throw each other into buildings. Everybody knows that's what they do. If all the Kaiju movies throughout history and the Pacific Rim movies more recently have taught us anything, it's that. Thankfully, after watching all those movies the human race is prepared for when it happens. We all know to start running for the countryside when the monsters arrive. And knowing is half the battle! Thank goodness!

I'm glad Privateer Press are the ones doing this game, because they know how to make smart miniatures games with quality miniatures. And Privateer Press is probably the second biggest miniatures company out there in terms of market share right now. They are doing the launch right by releasing 4 factions right from the get go. So you'll see a nice variety of forces fielded by players right away. I have learned that's very important in making a miniatures game successful. (I'm looking at you, Fantasy Flight...)

I really hope this lives up to the hype!