I liked the butterfly exhibit where they had a garden of butterflies, flowers, and tall trees to make it feel like the butterflies were at home. Also, I liked the giant shark jaws. The megalodon is the biggest extinct shark ever.

And there was a cool bat exhibit about what they eat, echolocation, and how much they eat. While I was there I learned some things about extinct animals too. I saw related animals I didn’t know about; like bears and dogs are related and because of that there was an extinct animal called a bear dog. Another extinct animal was a giant sloth. It was massive, huge, and gigantic. The last thing I learned was about the native people before the Seminoles. Like: the tools they used, what kind of houses they built, and even that there were people before the Seminoles.

It was fun, but I wish we got to see the butterfly release at 2:00. It rained. It was still fun though.

ice age fossil display